Request by uniiqueee91Chlöe Sevigny in AHS 

+Chlöe Sevigny;  +American Horror Story;  +AHS;  +American Horror Story Asylum;  +uniiqueee91;  +ahs gifs;  +watching the promos and teasers made me excite for season 2!;  +request;  

+American Horror Story;  +Dylan McDermott;  +Taissa Farmiga;  +Ben Harmon;  +Violet Harmon;  +AHS;  +1x12;  +ahs gifs;  +*gifs;  

+Evan Peters;  +American Horror Story;  +Tate Langdon;  +AHS;  +I know the coloring sucks but i just fail at it sometimes and i thought this was better than nothing .___.;  +ahs gifs;  +*gifs;  

+American Horror Story;  +Tate Langdon;  +Evan Peters;  +so much creys!!!!;  +1x11;  +coloring this is the uberbitch of all bitches.;  +ahs gifs;  +*gifs;  

+American Horror Story;  +Zachary Quinto;  +Chad;  +oh your creepy smile reminds me so much of the Heroes times :/;  +1x11;  +ahs gifs;  +*gifs;  

+Tate Langdon;  +Evan Peters;  +American Horror Story;  +Coloring this is even worse than Lost Girl.;  +1x10;  +ahs gifs;  +*gifs;  

It’s the only way we can be together.

Like Romeo and Juliet.

+Tate Langdon;  +Violet Harmon;  +Taissa Farmiga;  +Evan Peters;  +American Horror Story;  +AHS;  +1x10;  +ahs gifs;  +*gifs;  

+AHS;  +American Horror Story;  +Evan Peters;  +I Don't want to like you!;  +STOP IT;  +Tate Langdon;  +ahs gifs;  +*gifs;